*Does Nor Cal Crating offer export compliant ISPM 15 packing, crating and lumber?

Nor Cal crating is an export compliant facility and has been since the ISPM 15 program began. We only purchase materials that are compliant to ship worldwide. Every pallet, skidcrate or piece of precut lumber used for dunnage will be stamped accordingly for export and the proper documentation will be provided upon request. 

 *Are there any limits to the size, weight or type of items you can handle?

We have seen just about everything you could imagine from very delicate antiques to 100,000 lb. glass coating vac. chambers and everything in between. Over the years we have networked and now partner with many proffesionals in the industry so if you do happen to stump us we can still help . Contact us for an immediate solution to your packing, crating and shipping needs.